VoIP Router, turning off wifi.

The VoIP-Router can be connected to your existing router, this means that you don’t have to make any changes to your existing network. However, the VoIP router transmits a wifi signal by default and this can cause interference to the existing network … so, it’s a good idea to switch off the wifi on the VoIP router and this is how you do it:

Firstly, disconnect the VoIP-Router from your existing router but leave the power supply lead connected. Connect one end of an ethernet lead into one of the 4 ethernet ports on the VoIP-Router and the other end into the ethernet socket of your laptop or desktop computer.

Open up a browser and type in as in the diagram below and that should take you to the web interface Admin page of the VoIP-Router:


Now type in your Username and Password … these are your Admin Username and Admin Password which were emailed to you when your VoIP account was opened. When you’ve done that, it should like this:


Click on Log In and you should then see the VoIP-Router Settings page, one of the options is ‘Wireless’ as in the image here:


Click on the ‘Wireless’ tab and this will take you to the wireless settings:


This particular VoIP-Router refers to WiFi as ‘Radio’ which is enabled by default … click in the ‘Radio On’ box and you can then choose ‘Radio Off’ and will then look like this:


Save the changes you’ve made and you’re done. You can now connect the VoIP router to your existing router and they won’t interfere with each other.