Tooway Konnect … option to purchase your hardware:

The Tooway satellite broadband service has changed … gone is the time when your service was throttled when you had reached your monthly allowance. The new Bronze, Silver and Gold tariffs are different … now when you reach your priority data allocation, your service continues and doesn’t come to a grinding halt.

It works like this. Taking the Silver product as an example, your priority data allocation is 50GB and the satellite operator will prioritise their service into giving you the headline download speeds of up to 30 Mb/s as far as the network demand will allow. Once you’ve reached that 50GB threshold, the service will continue but not necessarily at the headline speeds so you probably won’t notice any big difference with your internet experience. During the times that there is a big demand on the system, like when the kids get home from school for example, you might experience some buffering on videos and sluggish downloads. Apart from those heavy demand periods, you shouldn’t notice too much difference.

This is about as close as it gets to offering an Unlimited service on satellite broadband and there’s now no need to buy expensive volume boosters.

New airtime packages … purchasing your hardware:

For Light Users
For Medium Users
For Heavy Users
Prioritised Data Allowance:10 GB 50 GB 100 GB
Airtime per month:29,99 €
(or £24.99)
39,99 €
(or £39.99)
69,99 €
(or £69.99)
Equipment Costs:229,99
(or £199.99)
(or £419.99)
(or £419.99)
Service Speeds:up to 16 Mb/s down, up to 3 Mb/s upup to 30 Mb/s down, up to 6 Mb/s upup to 50 Mb/s down, up to 6 Mb/s up
Average Download Speeds:12 Mb/s21 Mb/s36 Mb/s
WiFi Incuded?Yes (while stocks last)YesYes
Activation Fee:49,99 €
(or £49.99)
49,99 €
(or £49.99)
49,99 €
(or £49.99)
Minimum contract period is one month.
Freezone (unmetered) period 1am to 6am French time on all packages.
UK IP address on all packages.

The traditional Tooway modem that has been supplied since 2011 is only capable of download speeds of around 22 Mb/s and it’s that modem which is supplied for the Bronze service. The modem only has one wired ethernet socket so you will need a wifi router if you want more than one device to connect to the service. We can supply a compatible wifi router at no cost (while stocks last) if you wish. The Silver and Gold services use a different high speed modem which has a wifi router built in and that modem can achieve speeds of up to 50 Mb/s.

The satellite hardware, modem dish and tria, has a warranty period of two years.

If you prefer to rent your equipment with no up front costs, please click here.