Installing Tooway

The Tooway satellite broadband system is designed for DIY installation, you don’t need any specialised tools like a satellite meter but you will need a decent drill. The dish equipment arrives flat packed and you assemble it with just a 13mm spanner and Phillips screwdriver. The Tooway satellite is located just to the east of due south and the elevation varies according to where you are in France … around 30° in the north and 40° in the south.

To determine the exact elevation, you can use the Tooway link here
Just enter your postcode and commune or navigate around the map. The result will give you the elevation of the satellite and the compass bearing (azimuth), also the spot beam number which you will need during the installation process.

The two main ways of pointing a Tooway dish are either by using the browser on your device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone) or by using the Tooway dish pointing app. In both cases, you don’t need an internet connection nor a mobile phone connection to point the dish.

DIY Guide using your Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc), download here:
(This is version 2 updated 29/10/19 with improved image for elevation adjustment and introducing the clinometer app for measuring elevation)

DIY Guide using the Tooway Pointing App, download here:

The Tooway Dish Pointing app on YouTube:

Download app for Apple devices here:

Download app for Android devices here: