Brazil Olympics



Here we go again … the BBC managed to find 24 extra channels during the London Olympics, just the 8 extra for the Brazil Olympics in 2016.

If you have standard definition Freesat boxes, the Olympic channels will be on Freesat channels 271 to 278.

If you have High Definition Freesat boxes, the Olympic channels will be on Freesat channels 261 to 268.

Those who still have free to air boxes (and there are many!),  you’ll have to programme in  the new channels … you’re used to doing this, so here’s the information you need:


Standard Definition:

BBC Olympics 1: 10773/H/22000/DVB-S

BBC Olympics 2-8: 12422/H/27500/DVB-S


High Definition:

BBC Olympics 1-3: 10744/H/2300/DVBS-2

BBC Olympics 4-6: 10862/H/23000/DVBS-2

BBC Olympics 7-8: 10876/V/23000/DVBS-2



Wimbledon Extra Courts

If you’ve been watching Wimbledon on the BBC, you will have heard constant references to the Red Button … press ‘Red’ to see extra matches on the other courts. The Red Button works fine on Freesat and Sky satellite receivers but not on the generic free to air receivers that you’ll get from French outlets.

However, you can still receive the tv transmissions from these courts but you will have to programme them in to your free to air satellite receiver. The best way is to do a ‘Manual’ search using the specific transponder which the BBC are using during the Wimbledon tournament.

Here it is:

  • Frequency = 12.422
  • Polarity = Horizontal
  • Sample Rate = 27500


By Manually searching (or scanning) 12.422/H/27500 , you will then get Red Button channels 2 to 6 and the HD Red Button Channel.

Extra Red Button channels are transient by nature but Red Button channel 1 is  permanent and can be found here:

  • Frequency = 10.773
  • Polarity = Horizontal
  • Sample Rate = 22000

This permanent Red Button channel is often used to show Formula 1, coverage of music festivals etc.

Tooway Beam Closures

The satellite operator, Eutelsat, has announced that there will be no more activations of domestic packages on Beams 15 and 21 which cover a lot of central and south west France. The regions covered or partially covered by Beams 15 and 21 are :

  • Aquitaine
  • Auvergne
  • Bourgogne
  • Centre
  • Champagne-Ardenne
  • Franch-Comte
  • Languedoc-Roussillon
  • Limousin
  • Lorraine
  • Midi-Pyrenees
  • Poitou-Charentes
  • Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur
  • Rhone-Alpes

This map represents the area covered by the beam closures graphically … this is just to give you an idea, the beams are not geographically accurate:



You can see from this map that some areas are also covered by adjacent beams … please check with us and we’ll tell you if you will be able to activate a new Tooway system on an adjacent beam after July 1st 2015. Professional tariffs are not affected, they can be activated on Beams 15 and 21 as usual.